ISSFAL - Maastricht 2010 Conference


The 9th conference of the International Society for the study of Fatty Acids and Lipids has as a major theme "Lipids and their impact on health".

Philippe Bougnoux, MD is a medical oncologist, specialized in breast and gynaecologic cancers. He performed his trainings in medicine in Tours and in immunology at the Pasteur Institute in Paris. After a 3 years post-doctoral staying as a Fogarty fellow at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, MD, he became professor of cancer biology at the university of Tours, and chief of the cancer outpatient unit at the university cancer centre Henry S. Kaplan. He is also heading the Inserm research Unit 921 « Nutrition, growth and Cancer » and coordinates a consortium of research units in chemistry and biology on marine-derived anticancer agents within the canceropôle of the western part of France.

His research interests are to understand how diet and lipid nutrients influence the molecular alterations which result in malignant tumors and how they integrate to delay breast cancer occurrence or individual response to anticancer agents. He does translational research in the field of dietary lipids in relation to breast cancer prevention and treatment. He is currently carrying out clinical trials of dietary intervention with omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids to enhance the sensitivity of tumors to radiation or chemotherapy.